“Spirited” Is Mediocre Holiday Fare


Molly Patton, Staff Writer

The movie Spirited is a musical comedy and a modern retelling of “A Christmas Carol”. This retelling is focused on the three ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future, and their contemporary ways of haunting corrupt people. It’s set through the eyes of the Ghost of Christmas Present (played by Will Ferrell) and follows him on his journey to change the heart of a 21st-century ‘Scrooge’ (played by Ryan Reynolds). Spirited was directed by Sean Anders and is currently streaming on Apple Tv+.

Honestly, I was disappointed by the turnout of this movie. I was definitely expecting more quirkiness and humor from Will Ferrell, especially since his iconic performance in Elf continues to be a holiday classic. Also, in my opinion, a lot of the songs in Spirited didn’t hit the mark for making a good musical; only a few were actually memorable and not just cheesy placeholders. This also goes for the jokes said during the film; I do not think they will land with all audiences. I think that the point of holiday movies is for everyone to be able to enjoy them, but Spirited isn’t geared toward everyone.

So, do I recommend Spirited? I do not think that it was anything extraordinary, but it wasn’t terrible. If you value musicals, I would recommend it, even though it wasn’t to my taste. It’s definitely not a movie that I would watch again, and definitely not a holiday movie that will be well remembered in the future. But, Spirited does encapsulate the spirit of the holidays.