Arts Corner

Welcome to the Arts Corner of the Bulldawg Bulletin! If you have any submissions please email [email protected] Thanks! – Lili Ali


Some of our AP artists are displayed here, asking questions that they represent through their artwork.

Lamia Lopez: How does atmosphere create time dysmorphia?








Katie Brubaker: How does line in nature reflect the female form?










Katie Marthins: How does alcoholism ultimately arise within a person?












Lucy Fricke: How can we infer what somebody is waiting for based on their appearance and surroundings?











Nina Tan: How can having two different cultures affect your identity?










Abigail Eden: How can complex emotions be portrayed through subtle human expressions in portraiture?












Margot Masclans: How do different societal expectations affect an outcast?












Riley Purdy: What events instill fear in different kinds of people?


Artwork by Sophie Levine






Pop Art by Lili Ali

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Arts Corner