Senior Art Show and NAHS Induction Is A Smashing Success

Senior Art Show and NAHS Induction Is A Smashing Success

Sophie Levine, Editor

All year, HMHS seniors who take art have been working long and hard, creating beautiful drawings and paintings, and their talent deserves to be shared. Fortunately, these students recently got the chance to finally showcase their masterpieces! On Saturday, March 26th and Sunday, March 27th, the Haddonfield Markeim Arts Center hosted the HMHS Senior Art Show and the National Art Honor Society induction. I am always blown away by the pure talent of artists, so when I heard about this event, I immediately wanted to find out more. I was lucky enough to talk with the NAHS president Lucy Fricke and learn what this cool event was all about. 

Saturday’s program ran from 12 to 6 pm and included the work of any senior who wanted to showcase their art talent. The work was not limited to paintings and drawings; it included other forms of “digital design” as well, such as photography. This free event was open for students’ parents and other Haddonfield citizens to enjoy. It was more less structured compared to the Honor Society induction, a chance for people to flow in and out as they pleased to enjoy the work. 

On Sunday afternoon, from 3-5 pm, the National Art Honor Society induction and reception took place. Both juniors and seniors were inducted, but only seniors were able to present work in the show. After the induction wrapped up at 3:30, the reception began. Snacks and treats were provided for the students and visitors to enjoy while exploring the gallery. Those who did have art in the show were able to explain their work to parents and other students, discussing their inspiration and the meaning behind their pieces. 

When I asked Lucy if the show had any personal meaning for her, she explained how important the event truly was. “As President of NAHS, I was so proud of the inductees. We weren’t able to have a real induction last year, so it was really exciting to get back in the gallery.” After not being able to hold these kinds of events for almost two years, it is that much more satisfying to be able to enjoy hosting them once again.

Congratulations to all the inductees and seniors who presented their incredible pieces of work!