It’s Cold Outside! Curl Up with a New Read

Check out these new titles

Molly Patton, Staff Writer

Winter is the best time for a new book. Check out some of these top-reviewed releases below!


The Storm of Echoes, by Christelle Dabos

The Storm of Echoes is the fourth installment to the Mirror Visitor series, and the last. It brings the storyline to a close, which is disappointing to fans of the saga. For those who are unfamiliar with it, the series is about a girl named Ophelia, who has extraordinary powers, and is forced by her family to marry a powerful man because it would benefit their political status. During the events of the series, Ophelia travels to new worlds, encounters grave problems, and ends up having to rescue civilization from a terrible danger. In The Storm of Echoes, Ophelia, as well as her fiance, confront the life-threatening issue, and hope to restore peace to humanity. The Mirror Visitor books are known for their imaginative world – building and attention to detail, to form stories that you can immerse yourself in. Anyone who loves fantasy novels will appreciate this series. 


Our Violent Ends, by Chloe Gong

Our Violent Ends is the sequel to the novel These Violent Delights, and continues the retelling of Shakespeare’s famous production, Romeo and Juliet, in 1920s Shanghai. In the first installment, the story centers around two members of rival gangs, Juliette and Roma, who must put aside their hate for each other in order to defeat a monster that is wreaking havoc on their city. With the second book, the main characters face a different evil. But, with their trust fractured because of a crime Juliette committed against Roma, working together to defeat a new monstrous force will be a challenge. Our Violent Ends, as well as its prequel, are perfect reads for anyone who enjoys horror and action, as well as drama and romance. 


Beasts of Prey, by Ayana Gray

This inventive fantasy debut tells the story of two teenagers, one an indentured servant and the other a fallen warrior, as they form an alliance to track down a monster that terrorized their home: the Shetani. The indentured servant, Koffi, has a magical power which she unleashes on this beast in the beginning of the novel, but she only scares it away. When she uses this power, it saves the fallen warrior’s life, whose name is Ekon. After the event, they vow to hunt the Shetani together, for their own reasons. Beasts of Prey is the first novel in an upcoming series, and centers around African folklore. It has very vivid imagery, unexpected plot twists, and a strong female lead. This book is entertaining for readers of fantasy novels, and is easy to become immersed in and interested in.