Class of 2020 in the Age of COVID-19


John Krasinski and Billie Eilish Host Prom for the Class of 2020.

Antony Post, Editor

So many lives have been changed in the past couple of months, and many people are trying to find new ways to find happiness in their daily lifestyle. And while this is a burden on all of us, the classes of 2020 around the world, be it for high school or college, unfortunately have to forgo many traditional experiences, including special meetings, trips, and maybe even a live graduation. However, many understand this sacrifice and are trying their best to help. 

John Krasinski, of The Office and A Quiet Place fame, started a new YouTube channel called “Some Good News”, where he hosted a virtual Senior Prom. New Jersey Senator Cory Booker also reached out to the class of 2020 on Twitter, saying, “This hasn’t been easy for the young people who won’t be able to enjoy the rest of their senior year. If you have a graduating high school or college student in your life, please send them love.”

But how do the seniors of HMHS feel? They are surprisingly finding ways to cope with the recent pandemic. HMHS Class of 2020 President Rachel Bonnet stated, “The class of 2020, along with the rest of the world, is dealing with this pandemic one day at a time. It is very tough not being able to support each other as much as usual during such a hard time, nevertheless we find ways to be there for eachother as much as these circumstances allow. We are very disappointed to be losing so much of our senior year, however we understand there are much bigger issues out there and we need to do everything we can to keep eachother healthy. We are a strong and resilient class and I am confident that we will be able to get through this together. 

New projects are keeping students connected and motivated during this time, like virtual choirs. Anna Swartley, President of HMHS’ student-led a capella choir, Haddonfield Co-Ed, helped pioneer this new way of teaching music for the school in the first week of isolation. She said, “These virtual performances have been an amazing way for our group to stay connected while social distancing. I’ve been so grateful for the unity and community within our little 

a cappella family, and rewatching these videos has brought so much joy to my own life. Matt Eyles, our music director, has become our technical producer as well in this last week. Without his masterful editing skills I’m not quite sure if this project could have been completed! The community support that we’ve received has been so uplifting and kind. We’re taking a bit of a hiatus right now to learn some new material, but we hope to make another video soon!”

Overall, the school is staying connected, thanks to technology, allowing students to try and find ways to lead similar lives during this worldwide lockdown. And I do not think anyone sums it up better than Student Body President Will Tully: “The Class of 2020 is dealing with the current switch over to online learning with admirable optimism and extraordinary creativity! Since our departure from normalcy in early March, students have shown time and time again that they can still be incredibly creative even though they’re stuck inside their houses all day long. Multiple music videos from Haddonfield CoEd and the HMHS Show Choir show that students can still collaborate and make art no matter how far away they are from their peers! I’m so incredibly proud of how positive the Class of 2020 is handling these changes!”