Love Is All Around Review

Matt O'leary, Staff Writer

The Haddonfield Theater Arts Club and DAW studios’ Love is All Around is a fantastic watch that spreads some much needed holiday cheer this year. The cast is made-up  of the young, talented actors and actresses at HTAC, and the music and directing was done by Haddonfield High School graduates. Matt Eyles was responsible for composing the original score which perfectly complemented the story. The musical numbers throughout the film were light-hearted and carried the plot along nicely in addition to sounding phenomenal. Antony Post’s directing was clean and creatively embraced the talents of the film’s cast, successfully making a cohesive, heart-warming narrative that viewers are sure to enjoy. Love is All Around exemplifies how hard-work and creativity can bring people together to make something truly special, even during these uncertain, abnormal times.This is a tremendous debut for director Antony Post and the cast and crew at HTAC. People should not only watch Love is All Around to support these young artists but also because it is a great, entertaining film.