A New Era for College Athletes

Will Johnson, Staff Writer

On July 1, 2021, a lot changed in the world of high school and collegiate athletics. The official NIL rule had officially changed. NIL meaning, name, image, and likeness. Players can now officially profit off their names and what they do.

This is very important for college athletes and many brands around them as they can now promote themselves and create a bigger name, while also bringing in some money. In 2021, the NCAA, the National Collegiate Athletic Association, brought in a total of 1.16 billion dollars. Before the rule change, these players would do so much for their schools and programs and wouldn’t make a cent, while these people were making over a billion dollars. There are many
people who rely on college sports to make money such as coaches, assistants, NCAA officials, referees, and the television stations that broadcast the games.

Some may argue that players are already getting enough with a free education. However, with the amount of money they bring in, there’s no reason they shouldn’t get paid. In college football specifically, top-rated quarterback Bryce Young has an estimated NIL value of 3.2 million dollars. Before the rule change that money would go everywhere besides his pockets. Recently, two highly ranked high school basketball stars, D.J Wagner and Bronny James, both signed deals with Nike before even graduating high school. This rule change regardless if you agree or disagree, it is going to change lives and their families which is vital.