Public Speaking Presents: DawgTalks 2022!

DAWG Talks

Here is the link to the pre-recorded Dawg Talks. 

Winter 2022 Schedule 

Lunch Block 1: 11:40-12:00PM @C8

Lunch Block 2: -12:05PM-12:25PM @C8

Monday, January 24th Block 1:

Emily Gramigna: Taylor Swift’s Story: The Importance of Artists Owning Their Own Music 

Luke Stadler: The Revival of Kanye West

Scott Vaughan: Music: The Best Medication?

Block 2: 

Elizabeth Barker: Taylor Swift and the Art of Reinvention

Bella Carle: The Kardashian Recipe to Success

Sean Leming: Kanye West: The Greatest Artist of our Generation

Tuesday, January 25th Block 1: Sports

Joseph Bean: How have Esports impacted our country?

Dane Samartino: Baseball’s Next Babe Ruth, and Perhaps Even Better

Chase Degillio: The Game: The rivalry that defines college football

Block 2: Special Interest: Entertainment

Courtney Malcarney: An Introduction to Anime: One Piece

Sarah Impagliazzo: 52 years later Scooby-Doo remains an Icon

Grace Miller: How Percy Jackson took YA Literature to the Next Level

Sydney Bonner: Horses: A Full History

Wednesday, January 26th Block 1: School Concerns

Alex Goldman: Is School Doing Its Job?

Jack O’Donnell: What’s wrong with college admissions?

Riley Slootsky: Why College and State Testing is Unfair

Caroline Barker: The Haddonfield Trap: What a Culture of High Expectations Does to Students

Block 2: Societal Issues 

Andrew Bendesky: Drug Prices: A Growing Issue

Liam Shanahan: Overfishing and its effect on aquatic species 

Marcus DeVita: You are Wasting Your Life: Screen Time Epidemic

Enya Carthy: Adopt don’t Shop: The Truth Behind Dog Adoption

Midterm Dates – A209 Period 2 – Thursday, January 27th:

Matthew DeMurguiondo – Surfing and Mental Health

Jack Gottschall – College Hazing

Zion Lee – Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Period 5 – Tuesday, January 31st: 

Connor Walsh – Dogs and Mental Health

Brant Nicholls – History of Track and Field

Connor Yavoski – Career of Clint Eastwood

Watch on the BullDawg Bulletin! Sam Carlson: How Watching Anime Can Benefit You

Paige Esemplare: What happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370?

Maria Keegan: Animal Testing: What You Need to Know

Maeve Kirwan: How can self-developed pressure be harmful in athletics?

Nate Rohlfing: Mars: The Planet of Our Future

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Public Speaking Presents: DawgTalks 2022!