Stressed Over Midterms?

Here’s some suggestions for taking it one exam at a time

Liam Charatz, Staff Writer

With the new year comes the countdown until midterms are upon us; students will have to study and prepare more than they have throughout the first half of this school year. Midterm exams can be stressful for students.

One of my fellow students, Loudon Vest had this to say about midterms, “This year midterms have been pretty stressful, especially with the increased workload due to my harder classes. But I’m trying my best to stay on top of my studying and manage my time.

While studying for one of the most critical tests of the year, they will still have to deal with the everyday work the teachers put on them. The University of Georgia states, “Midterms are an especially difficult time because it’s an exam with everything you’ve learned since the start of the fall semester. It’s important to take care of yourself mentally, physically and emotionally during a stressful period because stress can harm your body.”

This is important for the students of HMHS to remember because I know I have studied endlessly for midterms, where I forget about my well-being and health. This is what Mr. Holman, our very own guidance counselor, had to say about the midterms, “I would also recommend approaching midyear exams with a positive attitude, viewing the exams as an opportunity to consolidate and demonstrate a student’s understanding of the course content.

If a student has prepared thoroughly for an exam, that student can enter the exam room with enhanced confidence and less stress, knowing that he or she has done what it takes to perform well on the exam.

— Mr. Holman, HMHS Guidance Counselor

Components of effective preparation include spreading out study activities over a number of days instead of cramming right before an exam and self-testing or taking practice tests on material that the exam will cover.”

All students can turn the overall stress of midterms into less of a problem and worry in their life just by having a positive attitude and doing the work that they know will help them on the exams. Best of luck on your midterms!