Why You Should Binge Netflix’s “Wednesday”

Why You Should Binge Netflixs Wednesday

Annie Baxter, Staff Writer

From the family’s iconic catchy song to multiple movies of the family’s adventure, the Addams family is back to bring the new Netflix show Wednesday in a twisting story of unsolved murders. The TV show with Tim Burton as one of the executive producers of the show became an instant success. With the show being released about a month ago, it has already become one of the most watched shows gaining over 1 billion hours viewed, only behind TV shows Squid Game and Stranger Things. The show follows Wednesday, played by Jenna Ortega, who must find the killer behind a string of murders that have been emerging at her new school Nevermore Academy. When trying to uncover the mystery, Wednesday finds out hidden information about her family that leads her into a chase to connect two seemingly different cases. However, all of this needs to be done before she becomes silenced by being the murderer’s next victim. Within eight episodes this show can connect the supernatural with comedy and horror to create an intriguing world the watcher cannot help but be immersed in.

Wednesday brings the viewer through multiple emotions as they try to figure out who the real murderer is. Throughout the eight episodes of this show, each one brings new questions that can both contradict and support the viewer’s assumptions about each character. While the majority of viewers have fallen for this show, which can be seen from the extremely successful reviews, there are points of the show that not everyone can agree with. In general, the majority of people have agreed that Jenna Ortega was able to embody Wednesday Addams extremely well, from the lines delivered, acting, and portrayal of Wednesday Addams. Ortega was able to successfully bring Wednesday Addams to life. One of the most well-known scenes from this show has become Wednesday’s dance which Ortega choreographed herself. For many, they see Wednesday’s dance as a good representation of the character to help them understand her character better. Acting aside, there were major points in the plot that were just skipped toward the end of the show. For example, the final battle between Wednesday and the villain was extremely short for such a large build-up for the past seven episodes. As Wednesday spent the entirety of seven episodes trying to find the villain, the final battle seemed anti-climatic given how the rest of the show was paced. Along with this, there are some complaints as Wednesday did not seem to have the charm that some were looking for. Given the fact that Tim Burton’s name is such a large name within the industry, there are certain expectations people have when seeing he is involved with a movie/show. However, within this show, there seemed to be a lack of that charm a lot of people expect when seeing a Tim Burton movie/show. 

While every show has its amount of complaints, the overall consensus from viewers is that this is a must-watch show. For those who have seen the original Addams family, they can see a familiar face by Christina Ricci who played Wednesday Addams in The Addams Family and its sequel, Addams Family Values. Wednesday has become a huge success due to the soundtrack, plot, characters, and more. By keeping the viewer always wondering what will happen next, this show will make the viewer click on the next episode right away.

Overall, Wednesday has become a huge success for multiple aspects of the show that brings the Nevermore Academy alive. While this show may not be suited for a younger audience due to the show circling a string of murders, it is a good fit for teenagers and young adults. For those who love a murder mystery case, this show can keep you guessing given the countless number of plot twists from the beginning. While watching this show, there were countless incidents when my guesses were wrong. However, it is one of those shows that once the reveal happens, you question how you never realized it at the beginning. Although this show may not appeal to all, it is a show that can intrigue a large and diverse audience.