NBA2K Review


Will Johnson, Staff Writer

NBA2K is a realistic basketball video game created by Visual Concepts Entertainment. It can be played on all consoles, from Xbox to PlayStation to p.c. It can be purchased on disc or digitally straight to your system. It goes for $60.00 and has many in-game purchases for VC (virtual currency). As a former avid 2k gamer, these in-game purchases can become very addicting and tempting. There are many game modes, such as MyCareer, where you create your own player and can play with your friends. This is one of their more popular game modes and this is where I spent most of my time.

To give an honest breakdown of the strengths and weaknesses of the game, I would have to say the strengths outweigh the weaknesses but not by much. The simple fact that you can play with your friends and other people online, make it very enjoyable and fun to play. However, it can get a little expensive to buy the required membership to play online. Recently, they have also increased the price of virtual currency making it even more challenging to upgrade your character. On the bright side, the graphics and the realism of the game are incredible. It looks very similar to real life and most of the movements in the game are similar to player movements. You can also purchase real-life brands’ clothing and shoes to put on your player, which is pretty cool. Lastly, another weakness of the game is that sometimes when you attempt to load into an online match the game will freeze and eventually just crash. This can become very frustrating when you have to deal with this a lot.

Ultimately, if you can afford it and enjoy basketball I would purchase the game but may prioritize buying other games before it. It is a fun game but the often glitches or bugs in the game make it harder to keep buying it every year. They do a great job of updating rosters and making sure it looks as close to real life as possible. Among sports video games and games in general, they do really well in sales year by year. This shows that other people enjoy the game and you might too!