“God of War: Ragnarok” Is a GOY Contender


Gabriel Blum, Staff Writer

Every now and then a game that does something different appears. Nobody anticipated the game to do what it does. It makes a contribution to the advancement of our favorite media and players. That’s exactly what God of War (2018) achieved, and Sony Santa Monica and Playstation succeeded in doing it once more with God of War: Ragnarok. The opulent production God of War: Ragnarok features stunning visuals and displays, mind-blowing glory, satisfyingly crunchy action, and a universe that demands to have every nook and cranny explored. Although it is a fantastic blockbuster, these are only a few of its accomplishments. Nobody thought that Ragnarok would live up to the hype. So sit down, grab your Leviathan Axe, sharpen your Blades of Chaos and prepare for battle because lightning can strike twice, boy.

For those of you who made the terrible decision to not play the 2018 God of War, here is some background information (spoiler-free). The tale revolves on Kratos, a demigod from ancient Greece who attempted to get revenge on the gods of Mount Olympus for betraying him. After putting his past behind him, he becomes immersed in Norse mythology, marries a warrior called Faye, but she dies shortly after their son Atreus is born. As a result, Atreus is descended from a combination of human, giant, and divine ancestors, which makes him a valuable gem. He goes by the name of Loki among the giants. Odin, Thor, and Freya, dispersed Faye’s ashes, which angered Kratos making him act out against them in a blood thirsty manner. In conclusion, Kratos has enraged the sons of Odin for his killing of Baldar (one of the brothers), and they are determined to get revenge on him, this is all fought through a war called Ragnarok. Aside from the storyline, the game itself is a masterpiece. It has gorgeous visuals, an even more wonderful tale this time around, and a buttery-smooth gameplay. In Ragnarok we get to see a new side of Kratos, a more passionate type of Kratos. The desire to protect his son is now evident despite his continued tendency to be cold and distant. The more this game progresses, the more we learn about the depths of his suffering. Kratos’s ability to let go of his past and overcome his grief isn’t the focus of God of War: Ragnarok. This game is about making your own fate and taking charge of your own future, and that is why this game is such a beauty.

Ragnarok is a fantastic game that immerses you in a world you have never experienced before. I honestly can’t put into words how special and lovely this game is—character development, mind-blowing story twists, breathtaking landscape, evil in the eyes of the villains, fantastic symphony that glistens in your ears. The road through this game is so gritting, devastating, stressful, magical, joyous, and again, beautiful. Please don’t make the foolish decision of missing out from playing the snubbed game of the year.  I strongly recommend this game to all PS4/PS5 users, you will not be disappointed.