BADD Club Helps Students Make GOOD Decisions


File photo from 2012 showing the destructive consequences for driving while distracted or under the influence. Photo Credit: Haddonfield Patch

Liam Charatz, Contributing Writer


Throughout HMHS there are many known clubs including BADD. This acronym stands for Bulldawgs Against Destructive Decisions. The BADD club had a meeting to decide on what their goal was for Red Ribbon Week, they ended up having the smart idea of setting up a stand in the school’s breezeway before school to spread awareness. They had students write down what they valued in their lives. After the students wrote their anonymous notes down they were able to get red key chains or red wrist bands. 

To be able to join you can email Mr. Scorsolini at [email protected] or get in contact with one of the student leaders Teddy Bond, Mark Bertorelli, or Gene DiMedio. “It’s a club designed to stop students from making stupid decisions like drinking and driving doing drugs and other activities along those lines,” says club co-leader Gene DiMedio. This club will continue to help represent the smart decisions the students of HMHS can make in order to make both our town and school a safer and better place to be.