Midterm Election from a Student Perspective


Alice Merolli, Staff Writer

As the HMHS class of 2023 begins their senior year, a number of students will now be old enough to participate in their first Midterm elections on November 8th, 2022. In this election, 34 out of the 100 positions in the senate could change, as well as all 435 seats of the House of Representatives. 

After interviewing two seniors of age, evidently, there are different perspectives on the election. When asked about their opinion on the importance of voting as a young person, Jenna Curley, a senior who plans on voting in this election stated, “It is very important to vote as a young person because the decisions politicians are making now will be and are affecting our future, so as our generation is coming of age to vote it’s very important that we do and take this right seriously. It’s also important to be informed voters and ask questions about what we may be unsure of with the process”. 

When voting for the first time, the task can seem daunting as people do not yet feel like adults, and they understand the important responsibility of being conscious voters. Responding to a question about how helpful of a source the school has been during the voting process, Ms. Curley explained, “I know last year in some classes teachers handed out voter registration forms which were helpful. Even if you didn’t fill it out, it reminded you that you soon would be able to vote and should register. Something that could be helpful is if in our Drivers Ed classes we are reminded that we can register when we get our licenses, but also to inform us on the other resources that are available to us to register.”

On the other hand, not all students of age plan on voting in this election. “I have absolutely no idea, perhaps giving more options/resources to students, and more importantly spreading knowledge about said options,” said Olivia Smith-Thatcher, a senior who was asked the same question about the school’s helpfulness. Although the school and the teachers can be a great source of information, some students agree that it would be more beneficial if this information was spread and more accessible at all times. The elections on November 8th will certainly be a memorable experience for the first-time voters at HMHS and will likely have an impact on our country in the future years.