on our future


Mary Clare Michael, Senior Staff Writer

on our future

our world is burning

fires ravage at the heart of democracy

thick black smoke divides us

begriming our lungs

turning neighbor against neighbor

the extinction of our supposed brotherly love


how do we move forward

into the desolate landscape?


how can the fires stop burning

without leaving remnants of our ashen past,

of our innumerable mistakes?


how can we teach our children

to escape this blackened forest

and return to a time

before the smoke was there?


this generation has failed us

we must pray that our children are better

that they possess the power

to undo all of this permanency 


we turn to the next generation

to sweep our ashy remnants away

they must sow the seed of promise

and bloom possibilities

we hope that they harvest the equity

that we could not plant


we turn to the next generation

even though there is nothing to teach

we have learned no lessons

we have no wisdom to offer


we turn to our children

as an excuse

because we failed to heal

this world which was broken

ever since it began.


Editors’ Note: This submission is part of The Bulldawg Bulletin’s new literary section, which focuses on creative writing by our students. Views expressed in the Literary Corner are those solely of the author.