Fall TV and Movie Roundup


The Wonder Years

In 1988, the sitcom The Wonder Years first aired on television, and quickly became a massive hit. The show followed the Arnolds: a suburban family living in the late 60s and early 70s who were experiencing the struggles of everyday life and the struggles of that time period. In the 2021 reboot of the original series, The Wonder Years maintains its classic plot, but tells it from a different family’s perspective. The reboot centers around the lives of the Williams’, a Black family living in Montgomery, Alabama. The series takes a deeper look into social injustice and inequality than the original show. The series also highlights large events of the period, like the Civil Rights Movement, which impacts the Williams family from the very beginning. The Wonder Years reboot is an interesting show to watch because it is thoughtful, comedic, relatable, and historical. It brings up harsh topics while sustaining its sitcom-like feeling. The series is available to watch on the ABC network or on Hulu.


Based on the life of the famous poet Emily Dickinson, Dickinson is an imaginative comedy series that centers around her days as a young adult in the 19th century. The show explores topics like gender inequality, LGBTQ+ romance, and the supernatural. Emily defies all stereotypes and goes against her parents’ wishes when becoming a poet, but has to keep her identity a secret once her writings make it to the newspapers because she’s a woman. History also plays a role in Dickinson, because it affects Emily’s everyday life. She is constantly being impacted by the unfairness of society due to the Industrial Revolution and new technology taking over the natural world. Dickinson is a great series because it is innovative and relevant to today’s world, despite taking place in the 1800s. Currently, there are two seasons of Dickinson that are streaming on Apple Tv+, and the newest season’s release date is November 5th of this autumn.


Anticipated after the release of its corresponding book series in 1965, Dune is finally on the big screen. The first Dune movie was originally made in 1984, but it was a complete flop because it wasn’t like the books. So, critics are hoping that this long-awaited remake will be more improved than the other version. Dune is a sci-fi adventure movie, and is about a young man who must survive harsh conditions in a desert, while also trying to control his growing powers of mind-control and seeing the future. The movie features giant people-eating worms, robotic insects, and many other strange creatures that can be found in sci-fi movies. Dune also has a theme of feminine strength because the protagonist is helped by women to train his powers, especially his mother. Dune will be entertaining to watch if you are a fan of the Star Wars franchise or a science fiction fan in general. The movie is now playing in theaters and is also available to stream on HBO Max.


Eternals is the third Marvel movie to be released this year, and it takes place after Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. The movie follows several immortal beings called Eternals as they reunite to save humanity from their enemies: Deviants. The Eternals have been living in hiding for thousands of years in different parts of the world, but they decide to band together for one mission. The cast of this movie is diverse, and meant to represent the world we live in. Eternals features the Marvel universe’s first openly gay character, which is a major breakthrough. Even though Marvel has appreciated female power and different cultures, there hasn’t been any appreciation for the LGBTQ+ community, so this movie could be a window into the future of Marvel representing various sexualities. As of November 5th, Eternals will be available to watch in theatres, but it may be several months before the movie is streaming on apps such as Disney+.