Spring Dawg Talks Schedule

Spring Dawg Talks Schedule

Dawg Talks Schedule
Spring 2021

Block 1: 12-12:25PM

Block 2: 12:30-12:55PM


Monday, June 7th

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Block 1: [SENIORS]

Drew Hutchinson: The Power Clean

Max Sullivan: High School Does NOT Prepare Students For Real Life

David Chung: Disconnected

Jacob Schmitt: What Every Show Can Learn from Avatar the Last Airbender

Block 2: [SENIORS]

Ryan: Opioid Epidemic 

Ava: NJ Slang

Sam: Military Life/Options

Mia: The Life of Marilyn Monroe

Tuesday, June 8th

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Luke Boese: The Nuclear Accident You Haven’t Heard About

Ian Talty: The Marvel Cinematic Universe for Dummies

Fiona Currie: Giant’s Causeway Built for Love or War

Charlie Grozier: The College Board is a FRAUD

Block 2:

Ethen Rodriguez: Role of Influencers

John Dougherty: Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

Jack Buzzerd: NFTs – What are they really????

James DeVita: Metal Gear

Kieran Heslin: Playing Video Games for Cash

Thursday, June 10th

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Block 1: [SPORTS]

Brett Agnew: Why We Need to Save Baseball

John Sheehan: The Rarest Pitch in Baseball

Justin Lovenduski: The Life Changing Effects of Sports

Ava Kennan: Performance Anxiety, Here’s How to Stop It From Ruining Your Life

Block 2:

Matt Leming: History of Spikeball

Addison Spell: Are Wins a Quarterback’s Stat?

Nick Kasko: 2017 World Series Scandal

Matt Ventola: 2009 VMAs

Friday, June 11th

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Sam Narducci:  ⅓ of our lives

Alessia Jacovini: How to Improve Your Mental Health

Anne Earp: Importance of Good Friends

Rex Cottone: i’m depressed lol

Block 2: 

Allie Brown: Being COVID Positive

Sydney Rudder: Crystals and Spirituality

Bri Ralic: Kennedy Curse

Alex Ralic: Adopt, Don’t Shop