Soph Party Is a Success


Helene Usher, Editor

On Friday, May 7, the Class of 2023 attended Soph Party, which took place from 7 to 9:30 pm in the high school courtyard. Since freshman dance got canceled last year, this was the first dance for the current sophomores. Although it may have looked different from the way it would in a normal year, it was still a huge success thanks to careful planning from our administrators (Mrs. McHale, Mr. Licata, and Mr. Tarrant) and the sophomore class advisors (Mrs. Haynes and Mrs. Dabrowski). In the days leading up to the dance, it looked like it might rain during the dance, but luckily, the weather turned out to be beautiful!

Typically, the dance would be held in the gym, with most sophomores bringing an upperclassman as a date. While this is a fun tradition that our class most likely would have participated in if not for Covid, many of my classmates felt that it was nice to hang out outside with friends. Everyone dressed up and looked amazing, and a lot of people coordinated their masks to match their dresses and suits! There were photo opportunities, some “grab-and-go snacks” available inside, and a fantastic DJ whose music got everyone up to dance! After the dance, many went out to eat for a late dinner with friends to places like Pasariello’s and the Silver Diner. People do this every year, so doing it this year made the night feel as close to normal as it could be. After not being able to really connect with each other during the pandemic, Soph Party was a great way for the Class of 2023 to have a great time together and bond as a class! Thanks to everyone who made the night possible!