Dawg Talks Moving to Youtube

HMHS Public Speaking Class


Helene Usher, Editor

Every year, students in public speaking classes prepare and perform “Dawg Talks” at the end of the semester. Dawg Talks are informative or argumentative speeches that usually last three to five minutes. They cover a broad range of topics, including sports, political issues, music, and more!

Usually, students deliver their speeches in the library in front of their teachers and peers during lunches. Although this cannot happen this year due to the pandemic, Mrs. Dickstein-Hughes has come up with a great alternative. Students have two options for their Dawg Talks. Some will be pre-recording them, and others will be performing them live (with masks) next week (January 25 through January 29). Those who choose to pre-record will be doing so this week (January 18 through January 22. All speeches will be uploaded to the Public Speaking Class’ Youtube channel next week (we will link them on this page as well). 

This year, there are three classes and forty Dawg Talks. I will be interviewing students in the public speaking classes and reviewing some of their Dawg Talks. 

View your favorite Dawg Talks HERE!


  • Junior Samir Marwaha’s “Inside the Mind of Dogs”


  • Sophomore Riley Mulligan’s “Music Can Improve Your Life. Here’s How.”
  • Senior John McDonnell’s “How a 17-year-old inspired a new genre of rap music.”


  • Freshman Emme Sipera’s “Capital Punishment: The Death Penalty”


  • Sophomore Luke Simsir’s “The NHL: A Look Back”
  • Junior Nick Figlioli’s “The Carson Wentz Dilemma”


  • Freshman James Canuso’s “How Does Technology Control Your Knowledge?”
  • Freshman Gavin Gibson’s “Clash of Technologies: A History of the Space Race”