Spotlight On: Ms. Malvey


Photo Courtesy of Innovative Defense Technologies

Lili Ali, Staff Writer

Ms. Malvey is a new addition to Haddonfield Public Schools and started in September as HMHS’s librarian. The Bulldawg Bulletin spoke with Ms. Malvey and asked her to reflect on her first semester here in Haddonfield.


LA:  What influenced you to work in schools? What were some challenges you faced along the way?

Ms. Malvey:  “I actually didn’t start my career working in schools because I was never someone who dreamed of being a teacher. For several years, I was a public librarian working with kids and teenagers in public libraries. I loved that role, but I realized I really wanted the chance to make even more of a connection and have a more consistent impact on the kids I was working with. I decided to try out school librarianship where I’d be able to see my students every day and build those relationships. It was tough because I needed additional certification, so I was back in grad school while working full time, but I’m so glad I did it!”


LA: How are you handling all-virtual instruction? Do you have any specific tactics that have made online learning easier and more engageable for both you and your students?

DB: “Virtual instruction is really tough for me because, of course, usually the library is so much about people coming in and out, borrowing things, and being able to get the help they need right away.  And being new has made it extra hard because I feel I’ve already had a chance to meet so few people!  But my big focus while we’re all-virtual has been to help support the classroom teachers as much as possible – with things like technology help or new resources – so that they can then focus on their own classes and building that sense of community. I miss being able to interact with students more, but I know it’s not forever.”