“NFL Redzone” Is a No-Brainer for Football Fans

Gene DiMedio, Staff Writer

The product I’ve decided to review is NFL Redzone. NFL Redzone is a program owned by NFL network and it has been running for 13 years. The premise of NFL Redzone is that it skips around all the NFL games going on to give viewers the best experience. It has no commercials and always goes to games with a team in the red zone given the name. 

One of the biggest strengths provided by NFL Redzone is that it has no commercials. As a fan, it is excellent because the action never ends. As long as any football is played, it will be shown. They do a great job constantly jumping around to big plays so it never gets boring. Host Scott Hanson will also do a great job at only commentating when necessary along with being able to fill times when every game is at a pause with interesting stats. When it comes to weaknesses, there is only one that sticks out. Due to the NFL’s TV deals, it does not allow NFL RedZone to be on when only one game is remaining. In that case, it should be shown on one of the national networks. With that being said, there have been many times when NFL RedZone has stopped showing all the games, but the game is not shown on the national network Hanson says. When that happens, it doesn’t allow people to see the game.

Overall, NFL RedZone is a great purchase. It allows you to see every game for just 10 dollars a month compared to an NFL Sunday ticket which allows you to see every game completely for almost 300 dollars a season. The deal you get with NFL RedZone is so worth it, and it is a great concept, to begin with. If you are a football fan, a fantasy football player, or anything else relating to football, NFL RedZone is for you.