ESPN+ Worth the Price of Admission


Nick Turnage, Staff Writer

The Entertainment and Sports Programming Network, or ESPN, released its ESPN+ feature about four years ago. ESPN+ allows anyone to watch many games at any time, whether it’s professional, college, or high school sports. The feature also allows you to watch games that you missed. For example, if you miss a game on a Monday, ESPN+ will re-air the game Tuesday so you don’t miss it. Since ESPN+ released, more people have been able to watch sports which has brought the number of subscribers up to 24.3 million.

ESPN+ has many more strengths than weaknesses. It is great how people who are subscribed to the feature are able to watch any game they want and any sport they want. Another strength is that people are able to watch international leagues such as LaLiga if they are in the United States and vice versa. Another important feature is that you are able to watch any game on ESPN+ on any device whether it is on a phone, tablet, or TV. This allows the users to have flexibility in where they can watch the games and how they can watch them. Even though there are many strengths, ESPN+ has some weaknesses. For example, ESPN+ doesn’t stream a lot of NFL games. I believe this is a weakness because only a certain amount of games are streamed on TV and ESPN+ doesn’t stream any of the games. This makes it more difficult for anyone to see the NFL games they want to watch and is something that ESPN+ should look into adding in the future. Another weakness is that sometimes the game you want to watch will have difficulty streaming even though the game says it is available on ESPN+. I have only had this happen to me a couple of times but it can become a big problem if it continues to be a recurring issue as the feature is supposed to stream the games with no problems.

Lastly, I believe that people should buy ESPN+ if they are into many sports.The feature is $9.99 a month and has a special offer that includes Disney+ as well as Hulu for $12.99 a month. Also, ESPN+ allows you to watch as many sports as you want which will allow you to not miss any of the games you want to watch. There are many ways to watch the games on ESPN+ which allows flexibility in when or where you want to watch the games. Even though there are some weaknesses, ESPN+ is the way to go if you want to watch your favorite teams or watch sports in general.