It’s Official: Mr. Holman is Coach of the Decade


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Coach Holman looks on at Centennial Courts in May 2019.

Samantha Sirover, Contributing Writer

Have you ever wondered why Haddonfield Tennis is so victorious? Ever since 1976, the boys and girls tennis teams have had 2,280 wins, 68 sectional wins, 30 states championships, and three Tournament of Champ titles. This all possible because of the man with his signature bucket hat and “the winniest coach,” Jeff Holman. Mr. Holman graduated from HMHS in 1970 and, after graduating from Princeton University, has stayed here ever since as a guidance counselor and tennis coach. He has been inducted into seven hall of fames and has been nominated for coach of the year many times. Even though Coach Holman has received so many awards, he is extremely humble. This year, he was nominated for and won Coach of the Decade, which is an amazing accomplishment, but not surprising. “I feel very fortunate that the Haddonfield School District has given me the opportunity to work as a teacher, counselor, and coach in this community,” says Coach Holman, “I would like to thank all of the motivated and talented athletes, dedicated assistant coaches, and supportive parents and administrators who have contributed to the success of the high school’s tennis program.”

Mr. Holman cares not just for his players, but for all the players in the region. Because of this, he founded The South Jersey Interscholastic Championship, where players from all around New Jersey could come and play in more challenging tournaments.

What really makes Coach Holman special is he truly wants everyone to enjoy the game and feel good when playing it. To ensure this, he has a no cut policy, letting anyone and everyone be a part of the team. Coach Holman values that everyone has the chance to play, not just the best and top players. As a tennis player on the team, Coach Holman really makes everything truly better, but other students think this as well. “Whenever you make a mistake, he is always right there to help you regroup. He has made my transition into high school so much easier,” says Freshman Ava Grookett. 

Stella DeMarco is a senior and has been on the girls team for four years. “Whether it’s on the court or in the counseling office, he has a positive attitude and wants to help in anyway possible. He always shows up tennis with a big smile on his face, which shows how much he loves what he does.” Lots of students at HMHS, not just players on the tennis team, recognize Mr. Holman for every beneficial thing he has done for the school.