With School Schedules Returning To Normal, Students Adjust


Quincy Palmateer, Staff Writer

This year we went back to a somewhat normal school routine for the first time since the 2019-2020 school year. Yes, there are notable differences such as the need to wear masks, and everyone eating lunch outside, but compared to last year when many of us were attending school virtually, this year is a step in the right direction. With these improvements can also come some challenges though, for example, it can be tough for some students to go from the flexibility of online learning to the heavily structured schedule that comes with learning in person. 

This year is definitely different from any of our previous high school years but we should be grateful that this year has at least some of the aspects of a typical school year. This year we were able to all start in person every day, which is one of the most notable differences between the beginning of this year and the beginning of last year. Being able to have everyone in the building at the same time has allowed for more typical classes and allows us to spend our class time more productively, because we do not have to deal with any of the technical difficulties that were so common last year. Everyone being able to attend school in person at the same time also makes it easier for students and teachers to feel connected to each other, which then makes students feel more comfortable to participate in class by asking questions, answering questions, and adding to class discussions. 

It is important to remember that even though we are glad things are going somewhat back to normal, changes in school routines and schedules can be difficult to adjust to at times. With this new school schedule comes with a lot more structure to our days, which is beneficial in that we know when and where we have to be at certain places, but also lacks some of the flexibility that many of us appreciated with online classes. It can be difficult to go from last year, when so much of our time was spent at home, to this year when it may feel like you are constantly on the go. We should all be grateful that things are starting to resemble a bit more normalcy but also accept that with that comes some challenges, and if it has been difficult to adjust that is okay.