Climate Changes Concern Students

Ella Baylor, Contributing Writer

The earth is growing warmer day by day at an alarming rate due to climate change. Global warming is caused by the release of greenhouse gases, most commonly carbon dioxide (CO2). Big businesses that use large amounts of plastic or burn fossil fuels such as coal contribute to most of the causes of climate change. Burning coal and other fossil fuels contribute to the release of carbon dioxide into the air. Luckily, trees and oceans can help with the problem of excess carbon dioxide in the air by absorbing a lot of it. But we are releasing CO2 much faster than trees and oceans can absorb it. We have already seen the effects of climate change on the earth through bigger storms, rising sea levels, and glaciers melting. If we don’t do something soon to change the way we use energy or resources, the earth will be too far gone to save it. 

Even though many people emphasize how each individual is important to the ending of climate change, it’s really big businesses that are responsible for increasing carbon emissions. According to the Carbon Majors Report, only 100 companies are responsible for 70% of carbon emissions. In a way, individuals do control big corporations with consumer spending, but governments truly control the way corporations can run and use fossil fuels. As a student, you can be active by reducing your carbon emissions or participating in events like climate strikes.

As part of the research projects the Environmental Club takes up for Earth Day every spring, a group of students researched how much carbon dioxide different actions in a normal day release. Then, they made a guide that showed how to limit carbon dioxide emissions by simply changing actions in their day that release it. For example, carpooling with one other person for a round trip saves 8.2 pounds of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere. Switching to an energy efficient light bulb saves 220 pounds of CO2 per year. These kinds of statistics are labeled in the carbon counter pamphlet, and outline the ways people can reduce their emissions. If everyone changed the way they live their lives in these ways, they can help to solve the climate crisis. As a student, one can make a difference everyday with these small actions, or by spreading the word about the incredible impact just one person can have. 

If you are interested in saving the planet, please feel free to reach out to the Environmental Club or Mr. Smith!