LEO Club Raises $1300 for Save the Children

Chloe Dinh, Staff Writer


After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last February, many HMHS students were shocked and devastated by the rapidly-increasing refugee crisis. Led by then-sophomores Olivia and Ben Hansen, the LEO Club was able to raise over $1300. Their success was all thanks to the collective efforts of the club’s members. The proceeds went towards Save The Children, a humanitarian organization that works hard to provide food, hygiene/medical kits, and financial assistance for families who have been forced to flee because of the Ukrainian-Russian conflict. Olivia shares her reason for taking action to aid Ukrainian refugees: “[Ben and I] felt very strongly about keeping the students at HMHS engaged and aware of this conflict. We believed creating a sense of community around this cause would be important for people to feel passionate about change.” Her brother, Ben, adds, “I had no idea our fundraiser would be so successful.” According to Ms. Gammie, the LEO Club raised $1000 from freewill donations at an informational assembly in March, and $300 from selling bracelets. The students also made ribbons and posters to spread awareness. She declares, “As their advisor, I am very proud that LEO students had the empathy to want to help and the motivation to carry out their plan.” The LEO Club has also confirmed that they intend to do more fundraisers for Save The Children this year.