HadMUN Makes a Momentus Return


Caroline Bisirri, Staff Writer

Haddonfield’s 19th annual Model UN conference was back in person on Saturday March 26th this year, continuing the tradition in a very successful return. Schools such as Bordentown, Shawnee, Camden County Technical School, Moorestown, and others came to share ideas and knowledge of various topics; some sparking quite heated debates. Committees discussed Taiwanese independence, gene patents, women in sports, and others, passing resolutions on some of these sometimes-controversial issues. One group even reenacted the trial of Marie Antoinette. 

“It is so much more rewarding for students to be in person,” said Mr. Boogaard, one of the advisors of the club when asked about being off of virtual conferencing, “It makes it so much easier to communicate.” 

Crisis Committees also got creative, making faux newscasts to create issues related to each committee’s topic. These raised questions and heated debates, adding to the resolutions by causing students to think outside of the box and apply their knowledge to real-world situations. “They [the club officers] wanted a variety of topics,” Boogaard continued, “…some students like science/military while others like more social/cultural.” This variety of committees allowed for a variety of crises. 

Winners for our school included Brian Meng and Ava Thomas for best position papers.