MLK Day 2022: Haddonfield Helps Out the Community


Sophie Levine, Editor

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was an extremely influential figure, inspiring the world with his big dreams and powerful actions as he worked to end racial segregation and discrimination against African Americans. His dedication to making change in the community will be remembered forever. On MLK day, we honor his efforts and try to continue building a more “Beloved Community,” as he hoped to do. We take action on this Day of Service, not only to aid the community, but to empower others, break barriers, and create solutions to social problems.


HMHS students did not waste this day. Even though it was freezing and windy, students still took advantage of their time off of school! Students were provided with a variety of service opportunities and some clubs held activities as well. Here are some of the many projects that students were involved with…


In Person:

– The official HMHS students service activity: an organized park clean up. Students gathered at two locations, Radnor Field and Hopkins Pond, to pick up trash and clean the area.

– Helped pack 150 lunches for Camden´s Neighborhood Center (academic, athletic, and arts programs for kids and teens) and Joseph´s House (offers supportive services like emergency food and shelter)

– Helped pack boxes of food for the clients of the Jewish Relief Agency and deliver the boxes

– HMHS´ Stand With Camden club organized a large book donation from the high school´s library for distribution by the Camden County Pop Up Library


Virtual Options (met over Zoom!):

– Baked dog biscuits for the Voorhees Animal Orphanage 

– Crocheted or knitted blankets for newborn kittens at Homeward Bounds Pet Adoption Center


And some students took advantage of opportunities outside of the high school…

Juniors Rania Kolluri and Sophia LaPointe assembled supply kits for the homeless through the organization “Repair the World.” These kits included gloves, scarves, hats, feminine hygiene products, and toiletries!


Despite the great work that was done, we must be reminded that these good deeds should not be done for one day only. It is our responsibility everyday to be aware of community and global conflicts and work to find solutions for them, not solely on the third Monday in January. We must extend these efforts and implement these actions into our daily lives and throughout the year. We must keep pushing to achieve our goals, regardless of the roadblocks that may arise. It is essential that we continue to make Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. proud and honor the great legacy he left behind.