Spirit Week Recap: The Dance!

Lili Ali, Editor

This year’s Spirit Dance at HMHS was quite different from years past and allowed for a lot of new and unique experiences for the students. First, this was HMHS’s first Spirit Week Dance since the fall of 2019 and it is typically a major factor in the point system for each grade’s Spirit Week points. The grade with the most attendees at the Spirit Week Dance wins the Spirit Dance category. Additionally, there is a Quizzo segment of the dance in which all grades participate in trivia questions in hopes to win points for their grade. Traditionally, students wear grade level Spirit Wear that they order for the dance, usually consisting of sweatpants and a sweatshirt with the students’ graduating year pasted on them. However, this year, a poll went out to the students’ asking them whether they would prefer a semi-formal dance, similar to Homecoming dances, or the typical Spirit Wear dance. The students’ voted for semi-formal, adding to the list of changes at the dance this year. 


At the dance, there was both an indoor and outdoor section. It took place in the Cafeteria and the B Building courtyard, outside of the Cafeteria. Inside there were food and refreshments as well as the Quizzo station set-up. Outside there was a tent and a dance floor where the DJ was as well.  However, there was a turn of events when the dance was cut short due to a storm affecting the DJ and the students dancing outside. Administrators sent us home early due to the poor weather, however, students’ still enjoyed the majority of the dance in the allotted time. Junior Audrey Seiger, describes her experience at the dance: “I was excited to finally have a homecoming dance as I have been looking forward to one throughout my three years of high school so far. I thought it was fun and I was upset it ended early due to the sandstorm, however, I still had fun spending time with my friends and participating on the Quizzo team!”


Ultimately, I very much enjoyed myself at the dance this year and I hope that we can continue the semi-formal attire in years to come! Also, the junior class won attendance for the dance and Quizzo this year, adding to our final score of 2nd place (to the seniors) for the entire Spirit Week!