NHS Induction Ceremony Faces Cancellation Amid Coronavirus and Rain


Helene Usher, Editor

This year’s pandemic has resulted in countless postponements and cancellations. However, the HMHS Administration and National Honor Society co-advisors (Ms. Penna and Mr. Usher) worked hard to plan an in-person induction ceremony for NHS. It was scheduled to be held on Sunday, October 25 on the turf, with minimal spectators to ensure that everyone could remain socially distant. At this time, coronavirus cases were not as high as before, so for the first time in a long time, it looked as if a somewhat normal event might take place. Unfortunately, the weather forecast for the 25th showed a high percentage of rain all afternoon, so the administrators decided to postpone the ceremony to the following Sunday. But, then it rained again, so the induction was postponed for the next Friday. Unfortunately, however, it was rained out yet again! By this point, the coronavirus cases had begun to rise again, so the administration decided to release a prerecorded ceremony instead (you can view it through the link below). It seems that this induction, like so many other events in 2020, was not meant to be! Nevertheless, the hard work and dedication that any of the 118 NHS inductees has put in have not been overlooked, and they are bound to achieve incredible things throughout the remainder of their high school careers!


You can view the ceremony here: