Block Schedules: Students Speak Out

Payton Weiner, Staff Writer and Social Media Editor

A few days before the block schedule was practiced, almost all of the students were discussing their concerns and whether or not they believed this new schedule would be beneficial. Most students were worried that they would not be able to pay attention in class for 120 minutes. They were also anxious about forgetting the material from a class as a result of not having it one day. Other students were excited for the occurrence of the day. Students with study halls, some with two study halls in a row, liked the idea of having more time to complete assignments. Additionally, those students with early arrival or early dismissal were eager to be able to sleep in later or return to their houses sooner. Opinions differed about the new schedule, but the students agreed to go into the day with an open mind, hoping that the block schedule could have a positive result.


After the block schedule days took place, students were less anxious about it being implemented because it turned out to not be as stressful as anticipated by some individuals. Most of the students agreed that one of the most important positives of the day was the increased time for lunch. Sometimes students feel rushed to eat and wish for more time to talk with their friends and de-stress, and the block schedule allowed for a better opportunity to relax during this time. However, despite the good that was prompted by the day, many students feared that doing the block schedule for the entire year would cause the enthusiasm for each class to decrease and the days to seem longer.


Over all, it seems that a person’s schedule determines the effectiveness of the block schedule. With four difficult classes in a row, it may not be easy to enjoy the block schedule as the increased time of these periods on the same day increases stress as well. However, if the difficult classes were more evenly dispersed along with the presence of study halls, the schedule may work to the student’s advantage. Hopefully all students will not feel as stressed or overworked next year, no matter what type of schedule is in place.