Freshmen Elections

Gemma Miller, Staff Writer

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Dedication, determination and experience define the freshman class student council government. Unlike the sophomore, junior and senior class elections, the freshman student council elections occurred recently in September. The class of 2020’s class officers are: Michael Zappetti (President), Rachel Bonnet (Vice President), Jack McDonald (Treasurer) and Will Tully (Secretary). Having been the president of student council at HMS, this is Michael Zappetti’s second year in office as president. His enthusiasm and experience with student council will help him be a great leader for the freshman this year. Furthermore, his older sister has also taken part in the student council for the past three years, so he knows what to do. Rachel Bonnet won the race for vice president with her friendliness and competitive spirit. Jack McDonald’s catchy slogan promises that he “won’t burn your Benjamins.” Lastly, Will Tully won the position of secretary with the promise of making “this a great first year of HMHS” for the freshman class.  Michael, Rachel, Jack and Will are all excited to represent the class of 2020 and are working hard to get ready for the barrage of school events coming up this fall. Will mentioned that “so far we have some very good ideas on what we’re doing.” Rachel describes herself as “very competitive, hardworking and determined. . . so [they] will get things done.” With such enthusiastic class officers, there are only good things to look forward to for the class of 2020. Watch out upper-classmen, you have competition this year!

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