Arts in the Courtyard Wows Again

Caroline Bisirri, Staff Writer

This year’s Arts in the Courtyard was a smash hit with creative booths and outstanding performances! From original songs, to surprise visitors, this one was sure to have made positive memories. 

The festivities started fifteen minutes into second period, when students flocked to the courtyard to see all the available activities. Like last year, the popular Lemon-Sippers were sold for charity, so much so that everywhere anyone went, you were sure to find someone holding the half-lemon with the sugar straw. Among other popular returning attractions was the Rubik’s Cube table, watermelon sales, wheel throwing, and the portrait stand. DAC club also returned with an onslaught of fun and intricately-designed stickers and pins. 

School groups and student groups alike came to perform for Arts in the Courtyard, including our school’s various choirs, the jazz band, and the Shakespeare troupe/class. For the latter performance, though, a special guest came in to aid in the production: Ms. Hughes, back for one day from her maternity leave! Along with her she brought her baby, Penelope, who students and teachers alike were eager to meet. 

New stands also came to the forefront, specifically from newer clubs such as the dance team. They had flower-crown making, while another stand from NAHS members had the first collage-making booth. 

Altogether, Arts in the Courtyard was a spectacular day full of relaxation and celebration that helped students take their minds off upcoming exams and finals for the end of the year. Like years in the past, it was a phenomenal experience put together by the Tri-M honor society and NAHS, further cementing this day as a staple of HMHS tradition.