The Legacy of Derek Jeter


Nick Turnage, Staff Writer

 Derek Jeter is the best baseball player to ever exist. In Derek Jeter’s biography by “” Derek Jeter was considered one of the best baseball players to come out of high school. In his final two seasons in high school, he batted over .500 and won many awards such as Gatorade High School Athlete of the Year in 1992. He was then drafted by the New York Yankees and did not disappoint. He won five gold glove awards and was selected to the All-Star game fourteen times. To top those achievements he won three straight championships after winning the first of the three straight in 1998. Derek has been a big influence on my baseball career as well as the lives of others. Junior baseball player, Connor Whalen, felt Derek Jeter impacted the game greatly. When asking Connor how Derek Jeter’s career impacted the future of baseball he said, “He popularized the sport more, which in the dying sport of baseball is always important. He also set the standard in the Yankees organization for so long by staying with the club through all the adversity he faced, while playing his hard-nosed, hustling style the whole time”. Without a doubt, Derek will always be remembered as one of the best shortstops to play the game due to how he carried himself and how he showed others to play the game the right way.