Jumping Into Autumn: Junior Class Fall Festival Is A Success


Sophie Levine, Features Editor

Picture this: an autumn day. There’s a slight chill in the air and a cold breeze. Jackets and coats have officially been brought out of winter closets. You can hear the crunching of fallen leaves underneath your feet. It’s time for fall. And what better way to truly start the season than with a special school event?

This past Wednesday, the junior class held a fall festival out on the track, and it was a smashing success!  During lunch, various clubs or individual juniors worked booths to sell snacks, drinks, jewelry, and more! Some clubs decided to donate their money to various charities and organizations. The event was open for all grade levels to enjoy. So, what were some of the booths, you might ask? 


– Student Council sold soft pretzels

– Lemon Club sold lemonade

– German club sold baked goods

– Pile of Smile made and sold bracelets

– Our Minds Matter had a fall-themed bake sale (with positive/mindful messages attached to the baked good bags!)


How did the clubs that participated feel about the event?

Thea Spellmeyer, our Student Council Vice President, shared her thoughts on this cool event, “It went really well! We were really happy so many people came out to enjoy the festival and check out the stands. It was a great way for students to support the clubs at the school and have some fun during lunch. We are hoping to do more festivals in the spring and maybe add a few more games.”


From Our Minds Matter, Quincy Palmateer explained, “I thought the Fall Festival was a great opportunity not only to raise money but also to serve as a way for the student body to bond.”


Ava Keenan, who was involved with running the Pile of Smile booth, stated, “I worked with Grace Malcarney at our booth. We made and sold beaded bracelets with the word “smile” on them. The festival was such a great idea; it was a perfect way for us to get the whole school involved and interacting with our club. The festival as a whole had such a fun vibe!! People were super creative with what they sold, and I think everyone loved it!


 It sure was windy, but if anything, it made it feel more like a true autumn day. The October weather didn’t stop us from enjoying the festival! 


Hopefully, our class can host more of these events in the future. It’s a great way to get students of all grades interacting with each other and seeing HMHS clubs in action. Especially after the year and a half we’ve had, with students feeling so disconnected from the HMHS culture and each other, this was a perfect way to make the students feel like things were starting to become a little bit more normal. It was relaxing and enjoyable, and a great way to send us into the week-long fall break. Happy Fall, everyone!