The Show Goes On! Gypsy Is Coming To HMHS

Lili Ali, Staff Writer

Good news: our much anticipated musical is happening this year! Luckily, we are able to continue to rehearse and perform for our spring musical Gypsy, safely, in a time where nothing seems to feel normal. 

To stay safe during the musical process, students will wear masks and face shields and remain six feet apart. Additionally, Mr. DiDonato, the drama club director, has arranged pods for the students to rehearse, each pod ranging from about three to seven students. That way, in case a student happens to get the virus, only a specific pod will have to quarantine instead of the entire cast and/or crew. The pods also minimize the potential spread of COVID. Hand sanitizer is also provided and is encouraged especially during set building. 

This year, along with doing their best on and off stage, Mr. DiDonato expects his students to be careful and safe inside and outside of school in regards to the virus. 

Concerning the crew, it is much easier to social distance as they can remain within their designated sections such as wardrobe, stage crew, hair and makeup, lighting, and sound. 

Costumes will remain the same as years prior, however, they will be sanitized between rehearsals, and everyone is encouraged to only touch their specific costumes. Hair and makeup, however, will look a lot different. First, most people will do their makeup at home, but those who are not able will get them done by the crew using individual makeup kits and tools. 

Additionally, the cast and some of the crew normally remain in the costume room between scenes. However, as the costume room is too tiny to fit everyone in safely, students will remain in the hallways or in the gym between scenes. They will be called into the auditorium when they have to report to the stage. 

Now, what we’re all curious about: will we be able to watch the performance? The answer is yes! Although the specifics are still being worked out, the musical will be available to watch via livestream.  

Mr. DiDonato predicts his student’s strengths to be everyone’s attitudes while working together, as our school is incredibly lucky to be having a performance. A weakness he predicts is missing the overall “fun vibe” of the cast and crew and being able to have everyone together. Mr. DiDonato also claims that the cast and crew is welcome to ask him any questions or express any concerns to allow them to feel comfortable in this strained environment. He is “grateful to have this opportunity and looks forward to a normal year next year.”

Image Provided By Lili Ali