Madrigals’ Dessert Theater Serves Up the Best


Photo credit: Rachel Shim

The 2020 Madrigals Singers pose in front of Christ the King Church

Mr. Tyler Mills

Mary Clare Michael, Staff Writer

On January 9, The HMHS Madrigal Singers performed their annual Dessert Theatre with a pandemic-safe twist: audience members were able to enjoy the pre-recorded show from their own vehicles at Wedgewood Swim Club.

 This season’s ensemble consisted of 26 members from all four grades. The show followed its normal format with the Renaissance-style introduction from the Royal Court of seniors. This year’s court included King Abdulla Khalid, Queen Anna Forebaugh, and Jester Katrina Edwards. 

After the lighthearted “wassail” toasts, the performance shifted to a skit-style show that was written by Cindy Lefler. This year’s show, performed virtually, told the story of a vengeful witch named Hazel who cursed the entire kingdom by sticking them in boxes. With song parodies like “The Zoom where it Happened” and “Even Pandemics Can’t Stop Us”, the show provided some much-needed lighthearted comedy.

The second act of the show consisted of traditional Christmas carols. In addition to traditional Madrigals songs like “Silent Night,” students worked creatively with more modern songs like a medley of childhood holiday songs. These student-directed numbers featured visual stories and goofy dancing. The show drew to a close with a speech made by choral director Tyler Mills and “Carol of the Bells,” which featured 23 Madrigals alumni voices.

This year was unique for the ensemble in that there was a learning curve for rehearsing and performing virtually. Madrigals junior Samantha Kehner noted, “it was difficult to get everything together, but it was definitely worth the effort and turned out wonderful. It was so great to see the end result and I’m so proud of everyone who took part in this year’s dessert theater.”

The two sold-out shows were a success, and the YouTube performance earned over 700 views. The performance is still available under the HMHS Choirs YouTube page for those who missed the premier.