Spirit Month 2020 In Review

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Spirit Month 2020 In Review

Helene Usher and HMHS DAC , Editor and HMHS DAC

Spirit Week at HMHS is one of the most highly-anticipated times of the school year. Each November, the classes go head-to-head with each other and try to win by participating in the Spirit Week Dance, Scavenger Hunt, Golden Bulldawg, Quizzo, Hallway Decorating, Canned Food Drive, Dress-Up Days, and fundraising for their class charities. However, due to the pandemic, many of these events could not safely take place. Thankfully, Student Council advisors Mr. Bree and Mr. Romea, school officers Katrina Edwards, Jada Eible-Hargro, Brynne Gaffney, Jane Mangelli, and Mehki Rippey, and the grade level officers and delegates worked hard to come up with a successful alternative. Most events were changed to a virtual setting with some being cancelled, but many of the events that were cancelled have been replaced by new and exciting ones! Here is a list of annual events and the changes that occurred:

Penny Count: Cancelled, but see below for details on the fundraising that did happen!

Fundraising: Each class still raised money for their charities (Freshmen: Appendix Cancer/ Pseudomyxoma Peritonei Research, Sophomores: American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Juniors: Black Lives Matter Philly, Seniors: The National Brain Tumor Society), with some even holding Dine and Donates, but all donations were collected online through MySchoolBucks.
Spirit Week Dance: Cancelled– However, Quizzo, which takes place each year during the dance, was successfully completed over google meet on November 18th at 7 pm! (Results: 1st- Seniors, 2nd- Juniors, 3rd- Sophomores, 4th- Freshmen)

Can Collection: The pandemic has caused more people to struggle financially this year than ever before. CamCare, the organization HMHS donates Spirit Week canned goods to, was still relying on our donations for their annual Thanksgiving Drive. Therefore, grade-level officers established contactless drop-off locations for food and as a whole, HMHS raised more than 3200 pounds of food! (Results: 1st- Seniors, 2nd- Juniors, 3rd- Sophomores, 4th- Freshmen)

Scavenger Hunt: The Scavenger Hunt was virtual this year, but still a lot of fun! From 5 pm to 8 pm on November 24, students from each grade raced to complete about one hundred challenges and surprisingly, they managed to succeed in most of them! (Results: 1st- Seniors, 2nd- Sophomores, 3rd- Juniors, 4th- Freshmen)

Dress-Up Days: Six total dress-up days (Monochromatic Monday, Decades Day, Pajama Day, Sports Day, Formal Day, and Movie Day) took place. To earn the points, students were required to submit a photo of themselves through a google form by 1 pm each day. There were some awesome outfits! (Results: 

Golden Bulldawg: Although it had to be held outside on the turf this year, the Golden Bulldawg was still a huge hit! To maintain social distancing, there were six shifts: four people from each grade could go looking for the golden bulldawgs at a time. (Results: 1st- Sophomores, 2nd- Seniors, 3rd- Juniors, 4th- Freshmen)

Hallway Decorating: Cancelled– However, each class created Disney-themed music videos, which were released on December 14!

Pep Rally: Cancelled

Paw Print Challenge: For this brand-new event, each grade had a paw-print sign outside of the school, and students were given from November 20th to December 4th to sign them. The grade with the most was declared the winner! (Results: 1st- Juniors, 2nd- Sophomores, 3rd- Seniors, 4th-Freshmen)



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