Step Up Your Mask Game


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Lili Ali, Contributing Writer

Throughout the insanity of the pandemic, there is one staple product that is necessary to ensure our safety during this vulnerable time: the mask. Like our phones and wallets, masks have become a basic necessity that we can’t leave the house without. They are the symbol of Coronavirus worldwide and being that we have to wear them in public most of the time, I think that we all can ditch the basic blue and white surgical masks and invest in some durable, eco-friendly ones that are sure to improve anyone’s style. 

Perhaps the most important type of mask is the basics. Think black, white, gray, beige, etc. They can match any outfit and are easy to whip on as you are heading out the door. Bonus points for a monochrome outfit with a matching mask.

To add some interest to an outfit, textured masks are a great option. There are leather masks, diamond-studded, and ones with cool ridges. Make a statement with a patterned mask. The options are endless. There are florals, brand logos, sports teams, and other cool, intricate designs available. 

As masks have become our new norm, I think they can be a fun way to express our individuality and creativity. There are so many different kinds and so many ways to style them. As masks cover the lower half of our faces, it can be hard to read people’s emotions and be able to recognize people’s expressions. In a sense, masks block us from the rest of the world. However, expressing ourselves through masks allow us to share our style and uniqueness with others. They are essential in today’s world so might as well take advantage of one of the best accessories out there! We can make the best out of a bad situation by experimenting with a new type of fashion, and most importantly, by protecting ourselves and others around us.