Saying Goodbye to Hello, Dolly!

Saying Goodbye to Hello, Dolly!

Sophie Levine, Staff Writer

When I heard that the HMHS Drama Club was putting on Hello Dolly for the spring musical, I was thrilled! I have been to almost all of the past HMHS shows, and every single one of them has taken my breath away. The music is always spectacular, and the dancing is incredible, so I knew there was no doubt that I would have to go see the show for this year. Playing on March 6, 7, 13, and 14 at 7:30 pm and on March 8 at 2:00 pm, the show was sure to be a success. For weeks, the theater kids have worked hours on end, weekends, mornings, and evenings to bring together such a special show and encapsulate the magic of the musical. 

I went on Saturday the 7th with my family and a few friends. The audience was packed (as I predicted it would be). As the show started, I knew I would be in for an amazing night. As I had thought, Hello, Dolly! was genuinely one-of-a-kind. You could see the hard work and effort the kids put into practicing their lines and perfecting their skills. Every song, every scene, they nailed it, spot on. I had seen the show in Philadelphia the weekend before, so I had learned the songs and was extremely excited to see how it would compare to the high school’s show. Honestly, they were very similar to one another. The kids really submerged themselves into devoting the time to get into character, one facet that can make or break a show. My absolute favorite aspect of the musical was the semicircular stage extension used throughout the play as well as the bright, flashing lights. They truly brought the songs to life, and the fascinating stage made the play unique.

Even though the show was wonderful, there was an obstacle the Drama Club had to face going into the weekend of the 13th and 14th. The rapidly spreading COVID-19 virus had caused many New Jersey schools to close down, the “shutdown” ranging from two weeks to over a month for some. The encroaching threat of school closure was upon our hands, and the audience number having to be cut by half posed questions and spread disappointment among the cast and audience members. Despite these challenges, the email we families received from the school stated that “The show must go on!” The Drama Club’s devotion to the production and willingness to continue under difficult circumstances displays true commitment and resilience. Thank you, guys!

The ability to plan, cast, learn the score, memorize lines, alter costumes, learn choreography, AND balance schoolwork on top of that is a true skill. I commend the director, all of the producers, cast, and crew involved with this show for being able to pull together as a team and bring such entertainment and joy to an audience.

Personally, as a dancer and choir member who has done several theater shows during the summer, this production truly inspired me to want to join the cast for next year’s musical! I can’t wait to see what this sensational group of people will go on to do next. As for the seniors, congratulations on your last show as a high schooler! You did it! But really, congratulations to everyone who was a part of this astonishing piece of work. Your diligent and strenuous effort was worth it!!