Seniors Return from Magical Disney Trip

Holly Robins, Op/Ed Editor

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Magic and madness ensued for the seniors who took the trip to the land of Mickey Mouse. Even at 3 in the morning, students were energized and ready to start the day in Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. Animal lovers took the safari and saw exotic creatures like lions, zebras, and even baby giraffes, while the braver students rode the Tower of Terror.

Day two saw people splashing in the wave pool at blizzard beach, ordering the Sand Pail Sundae, and taking pictures with friends and teachers before heading to see Cirque de Soleil. It was a brilliant show with flying acrobats, bike tricks, and trapeze artists. With the so called “recovery day” done, we headed off to Universal Studios on Sunday for the fast-paced thrill rides like Hulk and the Mummy. Some lucky kids even got to meet Jimmy Fallon, who was premiering his new ride by hosting a week of shows right from the studio.

The last day was bittersweet as everyone ate breakfast with friends from Hundred Acre Wood. Later, seniors explored the World Showcase in Epcot and ran around Magic Kingdom, riding classics like Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Splash Mountain. At the end of the night, the class gathered in front of Cinderella’s castle to watch the fireworks close out an amazing experience. Although all the rides were brilliant, and the magic pixie dust that coats the Disney Parks gave an atmosphere of automatic enjoyment, for most on the trip, it wasn’t about the place, but the people. One Senior, Ruthie Baxter, put this in her own words, stating, “the best parts of senior trip were the small moments. Riding on the bus as a class, running into Haddonfield people all day in the park, and just in general being all together.” For Hamna Khalid, “my favorite part of Disney was seeing people become little kids again.”

As senior year begins to wind down, everyone is coming the realization that soon, we won’t be seeing the same faces in every class as we have for the past four, seven, or in some cases, twelve, years. As every senior prepares to follow their own path, some to other countries and others closer to home, senior trip was a last hurrah of high school, where everyone understood that being together and sharing the experience of HMHS meant more than just where we end up. It was a special experience to spend time with each other and the teachers that have seen us grown, like Mr. Reader who we got to know as sophomores, Mr. DiDonato who began directing HMHS drama events when we were freshmen, and Mrs. Gould, who became close with any senior involved in sports. The journey we have taken as a class, even when we didn’t feel like only one unite, culminated with our Disney Experience, which we all recognize as the thing you look forward too. Once it’s finished, the time comes to reflect, appreciate, and prepare for the future.

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