HMHS Teacher Nominated for Prestigious Award

Izzy Miller, School and Local News Editor

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Ms. Dickstein, an English teacher at Haddonfield Memorial High School, has been nominated for Princeton’s prestigious Distinguished Secondary Teaching Award. The Bulldawg Bulletin sent a reporter to interview her about the exciting event.

What classes do you teach at Haddonfield, and how long have you taught here?

I teach Greek Drama, Shakespeare, and Accelerated English 10. I have taught here for eight years, but I have been with this school for nine years (I was a student teacher with Mr. Scorsolini and Mrs. Smart).

What school and community organizations are you involved with?

I have been helping with Model United Nations since I was a student teacher here, and I have been involved with it since I was in ninth grade. I also advise Stand with Camden. Outside of school, I work with the Alicia Rose Victorious Foundation (a nonprofit). I have been doing that for over fifteen years. My Shakespeare class takes up a lot of time as well. I feel it goes beyond the classroom.

Are there any upcoming events this year that you are excited about with your classes?

My Shakespeare class just saw Coriolanus (a tragedy) at the Lantern Theater. I am seeing it again tonight with the students who could not go last night.

What is the award? How and why does one get nominated for the award?

It is Princeton’s Distinguished Secondary Teaching Award. I was nominated by Mr. Klaus specifically for my work with the Shakespeare program, but also because of how I have grown as a teacher. I had to get recommendations and write an essay. A representative from Princeton watched my classes, interviewed students, teachers, Mr. Klaus, and myself. Over one hundred teachers were nominated. I made the top ten.

When do you find out if you are an honoree?

I find out the end of April. It is very exciting.

Do you have any comments you would like to make about the award?

The award itself is very humbling. I grappled with why me for a while. At Haddonfield, there are many wonderful teachers doing amazing work. I feel we do not celebrate the process enough, and regardless of the outcome, I feel it is a win. It was a wonderful experience … surreal, to be honest. What I have learned is that if you believe in something hard enough with your heart, good things will come. Believe in yourself and in other people.

The Bulldawg Bulletin and its staff wish Ms. Dickstein the best of luck.

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