Soph Party: A Night to Remember

Music, Dancing and a Side of Fries

Joseph DeSimone, Sports Editor

Soph Party was a night full of excitement, dancing, and, ultimately, milkshakes at Ponzio’s.  This annual event took place, as always, in the high school B Gym and lasted from 7:30 to 10:30 on April 29.  The event was preceded by an amazing pre-party generously hosted by Ciara Enright.  Students gathered in the Enright’s backyard to take pictures with their friends and their dates.  They then left the pre-party to get to the high school as the dancing started.  Students were ushered into a cafeteria beautifully decorated with balloons, ribbons, streamers, and banners.  The students socialized at tables covered in candy, baked goods, Chik Fil-A and refreshments.  Students streamed into the dimly-lit gym with a DJ who was ready to get the party started.  The rest of the dance became a blur with loud music, intense dancing and mosh pits.  The dance started to wind down close to 10:30 but the night did not end there.  Students drove to a couple of select spots such as Ponzio’s and Legacy Diner to finish the night off with a little bit of relaxation with a side of food and milkshakes.  It was a night to remember for the Class of 2018.