News Tidbits: New Teachers and Club Fair

Emily Dombrowski, Staff Writer

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Mrs. McCalley

Mrs. McCalley is a new member of the HMHS staff, teaching in the math department. Mrs. McCalley went to TCNJ and has taught at Hightstown High School. With her husband, they are current residents of Haddonfield and have three kids who attend Central Elementary school. Outside of school Mrs. McCalley is an avid runner. She has ran two marathons and has coached track and field at her old high school. Her and her family greatly enjoy traveling, visiting historic and scenic places.


T-Mills/ Music department

Haddonfield Memorial High School have various music groups in the department of music including, Concert Choir, Chamber Choir, Madrigals, Co-Ed, Voice Male, and Totally Treble. Concert Choir is a non-audition choir that is held during all lunches. It is a great way to learn more about music while singing great songs with your friends. To join, email your counselor. Madrigals is an elite group who of singers who sing and compete with songs from the Renaissance time period. The music department holds many music events for everyone to watch. In the winter, there is a winter concert to look forward to and Coed goes Christmas caroling during Christmas time as well.  

HMHS Clubs

On Friday September 22, Haddonfield Memorial High School had their club fair outside in front of the school. Haddonfield Memorial High School has various clubs such as, Interact, Stand Up With Camden, Book Club, and Chess Club along with many more. Many of the clubs participate in multiple activities throughout the year so students can join year around. Joining clubs are a great way to make new friends and  give back to the community while having fun.    

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