42nd Street Preview

Antony Post, Staff Wrtier

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Come on along and listen, a celebration of Broadway! The HMHS Drama Club since July of 2016 has been tapping their toes and singing those songs in preparation for their new show based off the 1981 Best Musical 42nd Street. Following the lives of the divas, directors, and the ensemble of a Broadway show during the 1930’s, being the greatest form of entertainment during Great Depression. Julian Marsh (Cuinlan Pedretti) is a Broadway director who has lost faith in some of the aspects of what Broadway is as he launches a new tap dancing musical. Dorothy Brock (Joanna Moles), a diva who can not dance, is chosen to be the lead, but her personal life starts to cloud the backstage of the show, especially one of the chorus girls Peggy Sawyer (Lily Minor), who is fascinated by the whole process since this is her first Broadway show. Trouble ensues throughout, leaving Peggy and Julian to trust each other to save the show when Brock’s future in the show is jeopardized.

The amount of work that was put into this production is unlike anything the Drama Club has done before. From the choreographed dances to the fantastic sets to the wonderful direction from HMHS teacher Matthew DiDonato. DiDonato stated, “ I’ve wanted to do 42nd Street for a really long time… it’s a perfect show for the high school, but you just have to find students who are willing to work hard, and I think we had that group of people this year.” Like Peggy, the cast of this production is just as amazed with how the show is coming together. Moles stated, “ I think that it’s one of the best and nothing can compare to the enormity of the production.” Minor stated, “I think going back to time periods… is what makes [shows] like this so special, so unique, and so fun.” Being a musical capturing Broadway music of a certain time, Tyler Mills, the music director, shared his thoughts on how his involvement in the show was. Mills stated, “to actually sing with the correct… overall [vocal] tambor is challenging, so it’s been fun to work on.”

Overall, 42nd Street is the type of show Haddonfield has been waiting for. You do not want to miss this show that may be the biggest production in the HMHS Drama Club’s history. The show will be playing March 10, 11, 17, and 18 at 7:30 pm and March 12 at 2:00 pm. Tickets are 10 dollars a ticket for the 7:30 pm performances and are either 7 dollars or 25 dollars for 4 people for the 2:00 pm performance. So come and meet those dancing feet!

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42nd Street Preview