Madrigal Dessert Theatre: A Good Time Had by All

Izzy and Gemma Miller

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On the sixteenth and seventeenth of December, Haddonfield Memorial High School’s Madrigal Singers and Tyler Mills, their director, put on three show-stopping performances. With a twenty-three member cast full of both new and old talent, these talented singers, dancers, and actors delighted packed audiences.

The Madrigals, as per their name, traditionally sing “madrigals” or other Italian music from the early 16th century. Examples of this type of music sung by the Madrigals at their shows include songs such as “So Ben Mi Cha Bon Tempo” by O. Vecchi, and “Gaudete” by Kay. In addition to these pieces of music, HMHS’s Madrigals have incorporated holiday songs such as The Twelve Days of Christmas into their repertoire.

Also included in the performance was a masque. This year’s humorous play centered around Princess Bertha (Grace Herdelin) and Prince Mario (Anders Elsey), and their reluctance to marry each other. The King (JT Tully), the father of Princess Bertha, wants her to marry Prince Mario because he fears the Prince Mario’s mother, the Queen (Grace Gautier). Ironically, the Queen fears the King and consequently wants her son to marry Princess Bertha. The two young royals both end up running away to the “forbidden” forest. A couple of amusing musical numbers later, they find each other and quickly become friends. After much chaos, help from royal advisors (Joanna Moles and Lenny Fiannaca), and a botched spell from Mad Max (Ryo Tsuda), Princess Bertha, Prince Mario, the King and the Queen all get a happily ever after.

The dessert buffet, a staple of the Madrigal Dessert Theatre, exceeded expectations. The classic wassail was delicious and the numerous desserts available, including macaroons, cookies, and clementines, were definitely favorites of the crowds.

The performance was benevolently hosted by Haddonfield’s Grace Church and assisted by staffers of the church in addition to members of HMHS’s National Honor Society.

While the Madrigal Dessert Theatre is over for the year, it will return next holiday season. Be sure to look out for ticket sales, and until then “Wassail!”

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Madrigal Dessert Theatre: A Good Time Had by All