Club Fair Brings New Opportunities to HMHS

Molly Patton, Staff Writer

Haddonfield Memorial High School’s Club Fair took place on Wednesday, September 28th, out front of the school, during lunchtime. This yearly event is held to help students engage in their interests, and they can also start their own club. This year there are a few new clubs at HMHS, centered around education on different cultures, and on current events in general. 

The Bulldawg Bulletin is starting a new branch of news reporting, hoping to extend the news writing platform to podcasting as well. The new podcast will focus on current national or worldly events, controversial topics, and more. This advancement was started to give students an input in their school community, and to feel like their opinions are heard, through a more casual outlet than article writing. An advisor of the Bulldawg Bulletin, Sean Thomas, believes that the new podcast is “a step in the right direction to making the Bulldawg Bulletin more relevant for students” and that “students feeling like they have a voice in their community – in their world – is generally a good thing”. 

Another club that’s making a debut is the Jewish-American Cultural Club. The goal of this club is to educate students on Jewish culture, and is not exclusive to people of Jewish heritage or who practice the faith.  Club meetings can include: listening to music of the culture, eating traditional foods, and learning about Jewish culture itself. 

As far as other clubs go, you can get involved in your community by joining clubs like: Affinity for Animals, Women in Need, Environmental Club, 50/50 Club, and more.