Celebrating Under Delta

Jessica Goode, Senior Staff Writer

Over the past year people had to get creative to throw parties or have gatherings. 

People are either postponing it for a time that Delta is not an issue or people are having gatherings outside and following the guidelines closely. Thankfully as time goes on we know more about Covid and the Delta variant. As people we now know the basics of what to do in certain settings, like with children or if you are holding a party indoors. For school activities most of the large events are going to be outside without masks. The Fright Night dance was held outside along with many other school events. With careful planning and enforcing strict rules our school can hold events like they did pre-Covid but with a twist. There are so many things that the junior and senior class show the now sophomores and freshmen. Hearing the freshmen and sophomores asking about what the Spirit Week dance, hallway decorating or some of the other activities that the school does just shows what a year without activities does. The Fright Night dance will definitely be the first of many tests to see if our school will be able to follow rules and stay safe while in a large crowd. Thankfully this is high school and most people are probably vaccinated; however, it is better to be safe than sorry. Hopefully this year will be close to normal.