Rob Thomson’s Immediate Impact on Philly Sports


Gene DiMedio, Staff Writer

Going into 2022, nobody in Philadelphia–not to mention the country–would expect the success of our beloved franchises, but here we are. The Phillies have just advanced to the NLCS, the Eagles are the only remaining undefeated team in the NFL, the Flyers are off to a hot 2-0 start, and the Sixers have high expectations after a successful offseason. This whole vibe around the city is thanks to Rob Thomson known to the locals as Philly Rob. In his first-ever season as a head coach, he has shocked the league by bringing this team out of the depths, making the playoffs, and going on a run that is looking hard to stop. Going into the season, expectations were high as always, but after two months of miserable baseball, the team had to make a change. They decided to fire Joe Girardi, who was a big hire two years ago, and passed the torch to his long-time assistant. Although a bit controversial at first, Thomson quickly proved the haters wrong. He won his first nine games and the buzz around him started to increase. He just looked like any other fan who is dying for the teams every season, and the Philadelphia natives loved it. With him as the skip, the vibe of the whole team changed and the postseason actually seemed like a possibility. Since then, that vibe around Thomson and the Phils has spread to the Eagles. With an unexpected head start, everyone in the city is praising second-year head coach Nick Sirianni, another guy who doesn’t put himself on a pedestal and is a man of the people. He lives right in my hometown of Haddonfield and lives just like any other resident of the town. Between these two head coaches and the success of the teams, the city of Philadelphia is in higher spirits than ever. The fans of the city are known for being a bit edgy, but guys like Thomson and Sirianni have given them people that they will always root for.